The VIP Wise Home Buyer

The 2 biggest problems for home buyers today:

♦ Lack of inventory

♦ Sky high costs and fees


The Solution: The VIP Wise Home Buyer program:

♦ More Options – On AND off-market home search

Save Money – Up to 35% savings on Realtor and Loan Fees

Save Time – Less hassle and paperwork shuffle


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Bonus Download: “How to Shop Interest Rates”

Getting a mortgage loan can be a daunting process, with very many options and moving parts. And if you’re even thinking about buying a home, getting your mortgage set up in advance is CRITICAL.

♦ Includes insider secrets about shopping rates and fees

♦ We will also give you a custom quote to get started

How to Shop For Interest Rates

Other Services

Can I Sell My House Above Neighborhood Comps?

If you have a house to sell, we can help you do that too. Our systems and strategies can yield a price well-above comparable sales. Let us show you how.

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At What Price Will My Home Sell?