Michael hausam

Michael's love affair with residential real estate began in college in Santa Barbara, where he'd spend his weekends going from open house to open house, telling tall tales to the listing agents to let him into the magnificent homes in Montecito...

He first got into the mortgage business right out of school in 1991 - 30 years ago! He still maintains his NMLS license and his team can handle any loan requirement. He got his real estate license a decade later and never looked back. A couple years after that he added a general contractor license, in order to more fully be a resource and asset to his clients.

Michael and his wife live in Irvine with his  5th and 6th kiddo (yes, you read that right...)

My Why...

Core Values

Loyalty, Integrity, Innovation, Relationships

Our Mission

It is our mission to enhance the lives of our clients by providing a superior home buying & selling experience, built upon dedication, commitment and integrity.  We believe in serving each one of our clients at the highest level, ensuring your individual needs are met, all while making a positive impact on the communities we serve.

For buyers: To help you buy the house that's right for you in the timing that's right for you.

For sellers: To maximize your net proceeds in the timing that's right for you.

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