#1: Invest in Clear Bins. The less stuff you have out, the less work for you to do. People notice piles of stuff; stacked up bins in the garage are not near as big of a deal.

#2: Clean as You Go. When your home is on the market, cleaning isn’t a thing you do; it’s the way you live all day long. Every time you leave a room, make it a goal to look like you were never there. It might take a few more minutes, but it will eliminate stress if you need to leave with a moment’s notice.

#3: Use Only One Bathroom. Difficult? Yes. The genius of the idea? Obvious.

#4: Tackle Odors Every Day. They’re an instant turnoff for buyers, so proactively make sure there are none. Keep the inside of trashcans clean, use liners in every can for ease of disposal, and don’t let food or cooking pans sit.

#5: Rotate Kids’ Toys and Books. Most kids have way more toys and books than they can play with – so put most of them away, switching them out every few days.

#6: Send Pets on Vacation. Or have them stay with friends or family.

#7: Drive Away with the Laundry. Of course, if there are things in the dryer, leave them. But if there’s stack of unfolded clothes somewhere, throw it into a bag and leave the house with it – every time you leave.

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