Frequently Asked Questions

How is your process different than from a normal Realtor or loan broker?

There are two different answers to this question.

Firstly, we utilize a comprehensive and repeatable system for our clients, whether they are home buyers or home sellers. Our initial consultations will include a review of these 7-step systems, designed to eliminate guesswork and stress – and to yield the best possible results.

Secondly, we can also broker mortgage loans. The vast majority of Realtors do not also broker loans. The vast majority of loan brokers do not also function as Realtors. This is a hybrid bundled service that does both!

Is it legal to be a Realtor and loan broker?

Yes it is, as long as all fees and costs are disclosed in writing.

Are there upfront costs?


Won’t I get a better deal working directly with the listing agent?

Not a chance. First of all, the listing agent was hired by and represents the seller – they won’t be negotiating on your behalf but will be trying to be impartial between you and the seller. That won’t help you get the best possible price. Furthermore, you’ll have to go out and find a loan — that loan officer will get paid a fee as well.

What areas do you work?

Orange, South and West Los Angeles, and North San Diego counties.

Do you work with 1st time homebuyers?

Home buyers at all levels can become Wise Home Buyers!

Do you have low or no-down payment loans?

Absolutely. There are many 3 to 5% down payment loans available in the marketplace today. There has never been a better time to finance a house with limited resources. Furthermore, the low amount of fees that we receive (and a potential credit from the seller) require even less cash than a typical transaction. VA-eligible buyers can buy a home with $0 in the transaction!

Won’t I get a better rate going directly to a mortgage banker?

Almost certainly not. A mortgage bank prices their own loans, according to their appetite for loan volume, profit, and risk. On any day, a particular mortgage banker may or may not be competitive. On the other hand, a mortgage broker can shop between dozens of wholesale lenders who are activetly courting their business. For a borrower to find a better rate than a broker, they would have to find the needle in a haystack – and that just doesn’t easily happen.

What is your website privacy policy?

Click here to see our privacy policy.

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