Michael Hausam

There are over 200,000 licensed real estate agents in California. And everyone knows one. Or ten. 

So how do you choose?

I've developed particular systems, one for home buyers and another for home sellers, each with very specific strategies -that you will likely not see from any other agent in Southern California. 

And they work!

Let me help you save enormous money when buying or achieve top dollar for your home when selling!

What we do

Strategies to help buyers & sellers achieve MORE

When has a real estate agent ever shown you STRATEGIES to help you win... either when buying a home or selling a home?  Let me show you the 6 strategies that help buyers save about $50-100K when buying a home... or the 9 strategies that can help sellers achieve well over recent neighborhood sales!



Nowadays, people turn to google or youtube for information - they don't go to seminars or even want to talk to someone else. They want to do the research on their own.

So I've got a resource for you: My Educational / Informational landing page - videos and topics, specifically for homeowners, home buyers, or mortgage borrowers. Pick the topic that most interests you and watch. And hopefully learn.

Then contact me for next steps!

Buyer Representation

Helping you navigate the home-buying process using systems & strategies that can save you dozens of thousands of dollars (or more!) and win in a multiple offer situation.

Marketing & Advertising

Helping you prepare, present & promote your home to attract the most amount of QUALIFIED buyers and net you TOP DOLLAR for your home.

Mortgage Services

Offering you access to dozens of lenders to find you the best rates and programs, helping you open the door to home ownership or save money by refinancing.

why we do it

Service, Not Selling

Any idea why real estate agents have a bad reputation?  It is because they often prioritize themselves over the needs of the client.  Our approach is centered on our clients' needs. Period.  We created a system that removes all the sales pressure and manipulation clients typically experience when working with a real estate agent.  We SERVE our clients at the highest level.  If it doesn't benefit the client, we don't do it... simply put.

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