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Our specialties are real estate sales and brokering mortgages.

For home buyers: Our proven system includes 5 distinct strategies designed to yield a home purchase 5 to 10% below neighborhood comps. This system is not how the typical agent works nor are these strategies available on the internet. During our Home Quest Buyer Consult, we will show you exactly how to proceed.

For home sellers: Right now the market is complicated. If you’d like to learn the 6 strategies we use that can result in a home sale at a price well above recent prices in the neighborhood, our no-charge Seller Consult will show you how.

For borrowers: We have over 75 different lenders, all competing with each other to offer us the best possible rate and terms – and we can, in turn, offer them to you. There isn’t a loan available in the marketplace today that we cannot obtain for you.


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Marketplace Update: Every two weeks I put together a birds-eye-view video of what’s going on in Orange County’s real estate marketplace. Here’s the latest:


Advice and Issues: I also regularly do videos focusing on a specific topic or issues related to being a home seller, home buyer, or mortgage borrower. This link will take you to the page of all of them. Here’s the latest: