For What Price Will My Home Sell? can give you their algorithm’s estimate of your home’s value.┬á can do the same.

So can dozens of other websites.

Just about every real estate professional will also give you their opinion for what price your home should sell.

The problem: they’re all guessing.

The truth: no one knows.

The better approach:

  1. Get your home in the best possible condition to stoke the fervor of buyers who might possibly be interested.
  2. Ask what YOU want for the home.
  3. Market it as widely and wisely as possible.
  4. The market will tell you.

The right strategy to selling your home is to hire someone with the experience and team to advise you on what things need to be done to the house to maximize its appeal in the marketplace AND the knowledge and ability to mount the best possible marketing campaign. And then YOU should set the price.

Of course, the marketplace is going to directly communicate back to you its opinion of your price: you’ll either get activity and offers or you won’t.

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