Residential real estate has a nomenclature all its own.

We Realtors constantly use these words (or even shorthand versions of them), presuming everyone understands them. Or sometimes we use them in a way to show how much we know!

Most home buyers and borrowers have heard these words and usually have a general idea of their meanings. But in my experience, knowing exactly what they mean is somewhat rare. But they are very important.

This video briefly discusses the following terms:

- Escrow

- Contingency

- Initial Deposit / Earnest Money Deposit

- Disclosure

- Addendum

- Amendment

- APR (Annual Percentage Rate) VS Interest Rate

- Agency

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Michael Hausam is a licensed Realtor (BRE Agent #1319560) and Mortgage Loan Originator (NMLS # 1577195). He's been a resident of Orange County, CA since 1990, he funded his first mortgage loan in 1991, has had a B-1 general contractors license since 2005, and he has had his real estate license for over 18 years.

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