A BIG question from home sellers: How much buyers agent commission should I pay to sell my home?

This video suggests an answer to this question that is also a key strategy in selling a home. The buyer's agent incentive can increase exposure to the real estate community, obtain the highest possible offer price, and keep a buyer (and their agent) engaged and interested in your house - regardless of issues that come up during the escrow process.

You stage the home for the buyer - you want them to LOVE it. You offer a significant buyer's agent commision for the agent - you want them to LOVE it too!

The key point to understand: commissions aren't paid by the seller, but rather they're just taking some of the buyer's money and giving it back to their agent. The best way to rephrase this question: How much of the buyer's money should I use to attract and incentivize agents to show and sell my house?

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