One of the most common questions I get: What is the interest rate right now?

Other versions of it are quite similar.

But what goes into the rate that a borrower would get? Turns out, the answer is NOT a simple one.

This video discusses the various different criteria that influence an interest rate and uses two real-life scenarios to demonstrate a comparison.

Not only do interest rates move every day, every lender has their own agenda for that day's environment. On top of that, there are 8 different categories that can adjust the rate on any particular mortgage.

They are as follows:

(1) Occupancy: whether you live in the home as a primary or secondary residence makes a difference, as well as whether it is an investment property.

(2) Purpose: a mortgage to purchase a home will get the lowest rate available, whereas a cash-out refinance will be more expensive.

(3) Equity: the more equity in the home, the lower will be the rate.

(4) Property type: single family homes get lower rates than do condominiums or multi-unit properties.

(5) Loan Amount: very small or very large loan amounts cost more.

(6) Credit scores: this is the least surprising adjustment - the better your credit score, the lower will be your cost to borrow money.

(7) Timeframe: the longer a lender has to lock/commit to a specific rate, the more they will charge for it.

(8) Location: lenders will usually charge more for certain states (Unfortunately, CA is one of those that get hit with an extra charge.

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