This video discusses the 9 steps to efficiently find the right house for you. This is not about the mechanics of negotiating a transaction or getting a mortgage. There are thousands of homes on the market - so how do you go about determining which is the perfect one?

Two upfront caveats:

(1) It's best to hire an agent upfront to help you. You can do it alone, but a good agent will have a system that mirrors this one. It will save you time and money to have someone working for you.

(2) Finding a right home is simply a process of elimination - starting wide and broad, and then narrowing it down to just one or two.

The 9 Steps:

(1) Pick a Target Move-In Date
(2) Establish Minimum Criteria

(3) Understand Your Key Benefits
(4) Set Up a Market Search Based Upon Your Criteria

(5) Evaluate the Homes in Your Search Online

(6) Drive By Interesting Homes

(7) Tour Compelling Homes

(8) Evaluate Homes When You're Within 60 Days of Your Target Move-In Date

(9) Write an Offer on the Right Home

For more information on the systems that I use and the extremely effective strategies I employ for both home buyers and sellers, please contact me.

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