Special Offer: “How to Find and Buy an Off-Market Home”

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This is the exact strategies and tactics used for our Wise Home Buyer program. It’s not rocket science, but it does take hard work!

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Bonus Download: “How to Shop Interest Rates”

Getting a mortgage loan can be a daunting process, with very many options and moving parts. And if you’re even thinking about buying a home, getting your mortgage set up in advance is CRITICAL.

There are some insider secrets about shopping rates and fees that are not well known; here is a download that gives you the inside scoop:

How to Shop For Interest Rates

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The Wise Home Buyer

This is a special program for home buyers and it has 3 very unique benefits:

  • More home options – We will search for on AND off-market homes for you
  • Save money – Being your Realtor and Loan Broker, we can substantially discount fees
  • Save time – Having one point of contact significantly reduces hassle and paperwork shuffle

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Custom Interest Rate and Loan Programs Quote

Based upon your needs and unique circumstances, we will give you all the best options available to you for a purchase or refinance mortgage. Please click here for more info:

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Home Market Evaluation

If you have a house to sell, we can help you do that too. Our philosophy on that is simple: in this marketplace, you as a home seller are in the driver’s seat. There are far more buyers for homes than there are sellers of them. So you shouldn’t have to pay a fortune in fees to get the top of the market price. Our free design consulting service will help you maximize your value, as well.

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At What Price Will My Home Sell?