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Effectively and efficiently selling or buying a home requires having a proven system. We have one and we will share it with you.

Buyer Program: includes The Five Strategies - not only do most agents not use them, they don't even know about them. 

Seller Program: achieving optimum results is exactly like a complex baking recipe; if you omit any of the ingredients, your end results will suffer. My recipe has 9 ingredients, most of which are unused in the industry.

Our system has been developed over years and perfected through trial and (unfortunately) error. Whether you're buying or selling your first house or your tenth, every step of the process is anticipated and prepared for. We've illustrated the process like this:

Our offer: take a few brief minutes to see the systems and strategies. Then you can judge and decide for yourself.

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**Please Do Not Submit if you are a Real Estate Agent or Broker!!

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